Reviewing the Philips HD9220 Air Fryer

The Philips HD9220 Air Fryer looks very sleek and works just as well.A few years ago, the world was introduced to the very first electric air fryer. Even though the name is fairly self-explanatory, not many of us knew what to expect. After all, how can air be used to fry foods!

A few years later and the popularity of this product is on the rise, as more and more of us try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. By using such a product, you can expect to fry, grill, bake and roast various food items without using more than a single spoon of oil. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to use oil in some machines. The most impressive aspect is frying of course, as this is the part that requires the most oil. Surprisingly though, the results are very similar to what you would end up with a deep fryer except that there will be far less calories!

The Philips HD9220 is a leading hot air cooker for you to buy and continues to provide the best value for new consumers. In fact, it would be a perfect replacement for deep fat frying. After cooking several items, we found the French fries to be excellent but there are some limitations of this health fryer that you might not have come across before.

The Design Aspect of this Air Cooker

The HD9220 air fryer comes in a rather compact design that is quite narrow rather than wide. This will allow you to store this in the tightest of spaces in your kitchen. There are some simple controls at the top and these will allow you to operate the timer and change the temperature. In the middle, you have a compartment for a relatively small cooking basket. This means that the capacity of this air fryer isn’t that impressive! As with most traditional fryers, we don’t get a see-through design that will allow us to keep an eye on the food being cooked.

The Features of the HD9220 Air Fryer

The instruction manual and recipe book included with the HD9220 suggest that this is a fan oven with the ability to cook pretty much everything. This ranges from making French fries, baking potatoes to making cakes! When making French fries, you will only have a capacity of 800 grams. However, you will only need a single tablespoon of oil for this. This means that the cooked French fries will contain very little fat, a feat that compares favorably to restaurants.

You might be thinking that the French fries might turn out to be quite dry as if you made them in an oven. However, these will be far better than any French fries made in an oven. In addition to these, other snacks like prawn crackers turned out perfect! Certainly, when it comes to French fries and small snacks, this will be the best air fryer for any household. Obviously, there isn’t a see-through window to monitor the progress so you’ll have to do this manually!

Like most appliances, cleaning is a factor that must be taken into consideration. After using the HD9220 air fryer, this job can be carried out quite easily due to the fact that most of the parts are safe to use in a dishwasher. Some times the wire mesh can have stuff caught in between but this isn’t anywhere near as greasy as a deep fryer!

Should you buy the Philips HD9220 Air Fryer?

It depends really. If your sole priority were to cook healthy food and to find a way to enjoy French fries but with low calories then this model would be perfect. However, if taste is your main priority then obviously you prefer the taste of oily full-fat French fries. In this case, you would be better off sticking to a traditional deep fryer. In any case, the HD9220 is quite effective but has a small capacity and can be quite expensive. However, it is a healthy fryer that cooks the tastiest French fries!

Top 5 of the Best Earbuds under $100

Have you finally decided to find good quality earbuds? Luckily, there are so many models to choose from. The only problem is that it might be quite tough to find your ideal model because of the budget.

If you have saved enough money for something costing up to $100 then there are plenty of good earbuds to go for. There are several guides that can help you. Just recently, we came across a useful article that will help you find the best earbuds under 100 dollars. The list below will describe the top 5 earbuds under a hundred bucks to you.

1. Klipsch R6i ($100)

The Klipsch R6i in-ear headphones are expensive but have fantastic sound quality.Klipsch is very well known for its range of headphones and certainly famed for the X11i, which is one of the best sets to buy in the in-ear style of headphones. Even if the R6i is a fair way below the X11i, it still performs admirably when the price tag is considered. The sound quality is the area of real promise and this is mainly due to the impressive detail belonging to the highs and the excellent bass. The appearance looks very elegant too.

2. Thinksound TS02 ($90.77)

The Thinksound TS02 earphones not only look cool, but are also associated with great quality sound. This is due to the 9mm drivers, which heavily contribute to the overall sound quality. In terms of appearance, the TS02s are probably the best looking earbuds available under the $100 mark. There are extra features that you can utilize depending on which model you go for. For example, if you need a built-in microphone, then you will have to choose the best model which falls at around the 90 dollar mark. In comparison, if you just want the basic headphones then these will cost you around 80 bucks. In our opinion, these are definitely one of the best earbuds under $100.

The Thinksound TS02 earbuds have a built-in mic and sound great.


3. Symphonized NRG ($25)

If you wish to prioritize value for money then you must check out the NRG headphones. These are one of our favorite earphones under 100 bucks and provide excellent value for money. At just 25 bucks, you have the chance to get a terrific looking set (it has a wooden design)! The wooden housing also has a positive impact on the bass. In addition, the overall sound quality is surprisingly great for such a cheap pair of earbuds.


4. Shure SE215-K ($95.53)

If you are literally willing to spend up to the $100 mark for a premium set, then there is probably only one pair of earbuds worth buying. All of the glory belongs to the Shure SE215-K in this case. This set has terrific sound quality, is built like a tank and looks really good. The feature of detachable cables is one that you won’t see with many other products. Add the Shure name on top and you’ve got the best earbuds on the market.

5. Panasonic RPHJE120K ($6.99)

With the exception of the NRG earbuds, the rest of the sets have been expensive. However, there will always be people who need the cheapest product. Even if you cannot spend more than 10 bucks, there is still something you can buy. The Panasonic RPHJE120K is easily the best pair of cheap earbuds. The overall quality with this pair is brilliant, as it sounds good, is durable and fits well too. The price is obviously the best feature here.

Hope this post was of some help in your quest to find the best earbuds under $100. As always, your comments and thoughts are much appreciated.

Audio Technica ATH-CKX5iS: Perfect Earbuds

Nowadays, a lot of standard earbuds are coming with extra ear tips in an attempt to find the most perfect fit for our unique ear canals. Even the sets that are included with smartphones come with different sizes of ear tips. This can be highly convenient for all of us as the standard one size fits all in-ear headphones used to be a nightmare for fitting and comfort levels.

Even though the fit and comfort levels have vastly improved with extra ear tips provided, this may still be insufficient for some people who commonly experience similar problems. This is especially common if they’re trying to listen to music while carrying out a specific activity such as sports or running. This problem is sure to convince many to give up on earbuds but there is hope yet.

The Audio-Technica ATH-CKX5IS earbuds are aimed at fashionistas and look cool.One pair of earbuds which will significantly improve the fitting for most people is Audio Technica’s ATH-CKX5iS earbuds. These in-ear headphones will include 4 different sets of ear tips in addition to 3 sets of C tips. While the different ear tip sizes will improve the fitting, the C tips act as the wedge which will really secure the earbuds into the ear canals. There is a special way these earbuds are designed too and this swivelling action further contributes to the secure fit.

These features sound quite impressive and it certainly seems as if they’ll be quite efficient for the purpose that you wish to use these earbuds for. This makes these earphones ideal to use during intense sports activities. If you want to check out the full specifications, head over to The Verge.

While the inclusion of several sizes of tips is beneficial, there are some more advantages too. The noise isolation feature is great and the cord controls are quite convenient too. The affordable cost will combine with every other positive aspect of these earbuds to form a set that most people would love to have for their personal use.

Make Earbuds with Sound Isolation at Home!

When buying headphones, one of the main features people like to look out for is the noise isolation feature. It can be relatively easy to find full-size headphones with this. However, the real challenge is to find earbuds which are capable of isolating the noise to a reasonable level. The truth is that the best earbuds will be able to do this perfectly. Does that mean it is a must to spend big on the best earbuds?

Not necessarily!

The problem with poorly isolating earbuds is that they usually fit quite poorly. If you can solve this problem by buying something that fits perfectly into your ear then the problem can be solved. Of course, a perfectly fitting pair doesn’t mean that it’ll be great at isolating noise. For that the design needs to be suitable and utilize this feature.

Despite this, it isn’t actually too difficult to add a noise-isolating feature to your existing earbuds. In the video below, you will be shown exactly how to do this with some earplugs, elbow grease and silicone.

The video will illustrate the entire process very clearly. All you’ll need to do is replace the poor quality earplugs from your earbuds with the new better fitting earplugs.

Watch below to make your own noise isolating earbuds!

Alternatively, if you prefer to buy a set of good earbuds, look through our list of the top choices.

Headphones Become a Part of Daily Style

Music and sound in general has a great connection with lasers and other form of lighting. In fact, in most events, this connection is utilized to the extreme in order to create a special atmosphere. You might have noticed this during your visit to a nightclub or a rave.

While lasers and flashing lights have earned their place during these events, it looks as if this connection is being utilized to a completely different level. To be honest, with the demand for aesthetics aspect of headphones on the rise, it was only a matter of time before flashing lights became a feature. But, we can’t help but think of these products as toys for children rather than something that should be taken seriously. All we need to do is wait to see how these products perform.

The first pair of earbuds, which are sure to hit the market after what seems like a very successful Kickstarter campaign, are Glow headphones. The special design that utilizes glass fibres and lasers will flash in sequence with the music that you are listening to. As mentioned above, this sounds great because it is unique.

While these in-ear headphones flash to the music, there is another feature which may be even more impressive. It has been suggested that Glow headphones will also feature an accelerometer. This part will be responsible for the cables beating in sequence to your footsteps. Furthermore, there will be sensors built into the earbuds that will allow the cables to beat in sequence with your heartbeat.

All of the above features seem to indicate promising albeit unnecessary features. Considering the fact that we are regularly looking for unique devices, GLOW can be forgiven for developing these headphones. However, it remains to be seen whether these flashing earbuds perform in other essential areas that normal earbuds excel in.

LG Tone Pro – A Pair Bluetooth Earbuds with a Neckband

Wireless headphones are one of the best creations since the beginning of headphones in general. They remove all the frustration that we get with cords. Man has even created wireless earbuds and these are ideal in certain situations especially when working out or when on the move. Even though plain wireless earbuds take up minimal space, they do have several restrictions when it comes to the design. For example, there is a little/no chance of incorporating controls on the structure. This is highly disadvantageous for people that like to fiddle around with the volume and their music without taking their Bluetooth device out of their pockets.

We look at the new LG Tone Pro Bluetooth Headset and give our opinions on whether you should get one or not.Ideally, there should a pair of Bluetooth earbuds which have some controls on them. This product would hold the edge over other products as they would be easier and more convenient to use. A company that is trying to utilize this gap in the market is LG. They have focused on this area with the production of the Tone Pro, which provides the solution to our main problem. The Tone Pro does this by incorporating a 3D neckband design in combination to standard wireless earbuds. The neckband will rest around the neck and the earbuds will easily be inserted into the ears. The various essential controls are located on the neckband so they can be easily utilized without much fuss.

Generally, when a neckband or a similar structure is utilized, there might be some question marks over the design. For example, how will the earbuds fit into the neckband and won’t there be any tangling? The LG Tone Pro actually has magnets built into the structure which keeps the earbuds in place and prevents the wires in place where they cannot get tangled.

In overview, the controls located on the neckband are very convenient and easy to use. There are buttons which will change the volume along with controls which will enable you to use the hands-free feature.

The sound quality is quite impressive too. With the LG Tone Pro, you’re easily looking at a pair of wireless earbuds that can be perfect for every situation. Whether it is to use as a Bluetooth headset or just a standard pair of wireless earbuds, the Tone Pro has the qualities to carry out both duties perfectly.